Hop tu Naa – ‘Tonight’s the Night’

A key test for telling if you are a real Manxie is the name you use for the annual shenanigans on October 31.The true native will never refer to ‘Trick or Treat’ or even ‘Halloween’. It is always Hop tu Naa, one of the Isle of Man’s most ancient traditions. Based on the old Celtic […]

Quirky.im Features in Isle of Man Portfolio Magazine

We’re delighted to feature in the May edition of Isle of Man Portfolio magazine. Here’s the link – the article is on page 30 – or read on below! https://issuu.com/keithu/docs/iom_portfolio_may_20…The Isle of Man’s leading business magazine Quirky.im – Supporting Manx Businesses A new online shopping platform launched in February, celebrating and supporting Manx businesses. Quirky.im […]

10 Quirky Things about the Isle of Man

Ten things that make the Isle of Man special: 1. The only whole country to be designated as a Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations, for its preservation of a special natural environment that is home to hen harriers and basking sharks. The accreditation from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) recognises the […]