GDPR information for Sellers

This information is provided as general guidance only. You should consult a legal adviser or GDPR professional to get appropriate advice for your business.

For information on’s GDPR policy, please see section 3. GDPR, personal data and marketing information:

And our Privacy Policy : Sellers may be Data Processors, as they are will be processing information provided by The information provided by the system in the Seller’s dashboard is also delivered by email. This contains information about the customer, including their name, address, telephone number and email address. However, it is likely that will not be your only way of selling and if you maintain a client list independent of you are likely to be a Data Controller.

Further information and online registration is via the Isle of Man Information Commissioner:

NB: It is extremely important to note that you cannot build a contact list from orders received via, as clients are not expressly opting in to your mailing list.

Example GDPR Privacy Statement:


[Seller’s Name] is a [Data Controller/Data Processor] and is registered with the Information Commissioner in the Isle of Man with registration number [xxxxx].

We are committed to ensuring lawful, fair and transparent processing of your personal data and will only use the information you provide to us to administer the product or services we are providing to you.

Information on our data processing activities and the rights that are provided to you under Data Protection legislation are as follow.


[Seller Name] processes your personal data only to provide you with the goods or services you have ordered or:

  • You have given your explicit consent; or
  • We have received a court order.

We will not process personal data unless one of the above conditions apply.


We will only collect personal data that is essential to administer the product or services that you have asked us to provide.

The data that we collect will be dependent on the product or service that you wish us to provide. This data may include:

  • Full name, age;
  • Personal and/or business contact details, including address, telephone numbers and email addresses;


We collect the above personal data for the purpose of:

  • Fulfilment of orders placed by you;
  • Dealing with any queries and/or complaints;


Your data will be processed and held securely in physical or electronic format within the electronic servers of [Seller Name] in the Isle of Man.

Data Sharing

Your personal data may be released to other external parties if authorised by you, or as required or permitted by law, or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, request from a regulator or any other legal process served on [Seller Name].


The processing of your personal data is necessary in order for us to administer the services that we provide to you.

We will proceed on the basis that, for the purposes set out above, you expressly consent to the processing of your personal data.


We will only retain your personal information during the lifetime of our business relationship with you. All personal data will be destroyed on termination of the relationship.


As detailed within Data Protection Legislation, each Data Subject is afforded a number of rights.  In accordance with these rights we will, upon request:

  • Provide you with all of the data we hold about you, in a machine-readable format;
  • Provide you with access to any or all the data that we hold about you, and provide you with details about why we have the data;
  • Correct any information about you if you advise us that it is incorrect;
  • Unless we are required to continue doing so by legislation, stop, or where applicable, restrict the processing of data about you;
  • Remove all records about you from our systems, providing that there is not a legal reason to retain it.  If there is a legal reason we will inform you of it, and provide you with details about how much longer we are required to retain your data for.

You can exercise these rights by contacting the Data Protection Officer at [email address].

Please notify us as soon as possible if there has been a change in your details (e.g. if your personal circumstances, home address, etc. change).


[Seller Name] will only contact individuals who have consented to receiving marketing information, or requested direct communication for marketing purposes, and only in relation to our products and/or services.

Should you no longer wish to receive marketing communications from us you can reply to the individual who has contacted you requesting that no further marketing contact is made.

After either of these has occurred, we will not directly contact you in this regard again unless you provide a subsequent request to start receiving marketing material from us.

Last reviewed 27 September 2022