Handmade and Assembled Items – This is part of our Terms of Use

Quirky.im reserves the right to remove items that do not comply with this policy.  

Defining ‘handmade’ is difficult and we will consider ways to improve this definition so it is easy to understand and workable. 

Handmade goods:

At least one of the following criteria must be met to list an item on Quirky.im:

  • Majority Handmade: The item is handmade by you through a craft practice, for example knitting (either using a pattern you have created or one that you have permission to use) or woodturning or sewing.
  • Original Design: The item has an original design. For example we allow prints of illustrations or decals of original artwork. However, these must be your original design, not somebody else’s, or a copy of someone else’s.

Assembled Items:

We don’t allow items on Quirky.im that have been simply ‘assembled’ from mass produced components with little or no original design involved, for example, assembled jewellery, where the defining characteristic of the item is the charm or mass produced piece on it, for example, a mass produced charm attached to a chain.

You must have made the product you are selling or you must be able to prove that you designed the product.

Last Updated: 10 February 2020