About Me

About Me

Hi every-one, My name is Wendy Mitchell and I am the proud owner of the Talk of the Island ( T.O.T.I for short ) based within Saint Pauls Square, here in Ramsey upon the beautiful Isle of Man.

Health and Well-being paramount in the quest for perfection………….

Well Ok… that is a fabulous advert for this very ‘ Humble ‘ proprietress but back to reality…. Nothing here in the T.O.T.I is Photoshopped nor exaggerated; just honest prices and the very best products on offer.

I began my vocation back in ’79 when I enrolled within the Royal College of Nursing ; training at Tatchbury Mount Hospital in Cadnam Hampshire. 35 years later I decided to walk a slightly different path towards Health and Well-being and enlisted within night classes held by the Isle of Man College whilst still working full time.  2 years later, I obtained the certificates in both Swedish and Geo-Thermo massage which now proudly hang upon the walls of T.O.T.I.  

In order to keep the ‘ Digits’ nice and flexible for the massage therapies, I knit.. The latest creations being the ‘ Huggy Hedgehogs’   All you need to do to make the magic happen is select one of  the many friends of Holly the Hedgehog or indeed; Holly herself, and give him or her lots of cuddles before posting to a loved one who will be delighted to know that the latest addition to their household holds lots of hugs and can enjoy the feeling of happiness simply by holding close knowing that their Huggy Hedgehog is full of love.

I love creating and craftwork is extremely high on my list of hobbies therefor I design and make labels for the gift boxes and Jars of salts. Most of the Jars are recycled which keeps the costs of the products down and the lovely people who pop in with their Douwe Egberts coffee jars receive 50p worth of bath salts per jar given to me to recycle. it’s a Win Win for all;  the Environment, recipient and the customers who purchase for their bathtime bliss.

I opened the T.O.T.I only 4 years ago and it is growing at an incredible rate so much so; this website was needed to be created in order for more and more lovely people such as yourselves, to peruse all the goodies that the T.O.T.I can offer. The latest being the Raw Chocolate which is handcrafted in Sheffield. The products are all Vegan friendly and Gluten free so be sure to check out the pages of this not so naughty treat ( wink )