Beach powder and beach powder shimmer are unique, eco-friendly, talc-free powders for removing sand from the skin.  They’re must haves for your beach holidays and were inspired by the beautiful beaches of the Isle of Man.

Beach powder gets rid of sand without fuss, leaving skin silky-smooth.  It’s the perfect lifestyle product to make your beach-days go smoothly!

Beach powder shimmer removes sand and adds shimmer to the skin.  It’s made for glamour at the beach and for those beach-perfect Instagram moments!

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beach powder shimmer


Beachpowder shimmer is a talc-free, eco-friendly powder that removes, sand and leaves a sun-shiny, lustrous shimmer on the skin.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants glamour at the beach, and for those beach-perfect Instagram-moments!

Just sprinkle it onto sandy-skin, brush off with hands and the sand comes off as if by magic, leaving a beautiful subtle sparkle on the skin.

Shimmer ingredient is plastic-free and ethically-sourced. Safe for adults, children and babies (even in nappy area).

beach powder shimmer