The Leather Shed

Here in The Leather Shed I make bags and belts, wallets and purses, book covers and wine holders from the best quality vegetable tanned leather.

Each product is entirely handmade from leather hides sourced in the UK. I cut out the pieces, dye and stain them, edge and decorate them and hand sew every item too. Some items can be personalized with initials or simple designs if you order something to be made from scratch.

Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using only natural plant materials such as tree bark and so is eco-friendly. This process takes longer than chrome tanning but uses none of the harmful chemicals.

My leather gifts will mellow and soften with age and are ideal to give as long lasting presents to friends and family or just to treat yourself.

I hope you will enjoy owning your Leather Shed item as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.

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