OK - we are  in Lockdown again and that sucks! So I've decided to extend my 'January' sale to the end of February. I'll be adding new items too  so watch out for those -and don't forget those gift vouchers! 



And the great thing about the Cinnamon Embroidery sale is that you don't have to queue up at 5 a.m. in the cold - you can shop 24/7 in your jammies! Most items are 10 - 15% off and the sale continues until the end of February  so have at it!  You are surely going to find something you love which is ideal for those pesky birthdays that fall immediately after Christmas! Plus - all the items I add during January up to the end of February will also attract a discount so watch this space.

(These discounts do NOT apply to Gift Vouchers by the way)


Notebook/Journal cover in Harris Tweed with embroidered Loughtan sheep and a leather spine.

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Notebook – journal cover in mid-blue Harris Tweed and leather, embroidered with a Manx Loughtan sheep.

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