I've decided to do a 'blogette' once a month to bring you up to speed with everything new at Cinnamon Embroidery (don't get TOO excited...) First of all - I've decided to extend the Cinnamon Embroidery sale until the end of February 2021.  The great thing about an online sale is that you don't have to queue up at 5 a.m. in the cold (even if you could right now!) - you can shop 24/7 in your PJs! Most items are 10 - 15% off and all the items I add during January up to the end of February will also attract a discount so watch this space. (Discounts do NOT apply to Gift Vouchers by the way).You will surely find something you love which is ideal for those pesky birthdays that fall immediately after Christmas or even a 'just because' gift for yourself (you deserve it)! Secondly - I'll be adding some new and different items over the next few weeks.  I'm going back to basics with HAND embroidery so look out for some cute coin purses and maybe larger bags (depending on when my patience runs out...)  I shall also be making different bags - some embroidered - some not - in a variety of fabrics. The days are getting slightly longer and the evenings just a tiny bit lighter and Spring is on the way ...


Notebook/Journal cover in Harris Tweed accented with Embroidered Trim

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Notebook – journal cover in jet black Harris Tweed with vibrant embroidered trim.

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