Personalised Box Framed Back Lit Lithophane


A lithophane is a unique piece of artwork, it is an image of a special moment, person or a precious memory. A 3D printed lithophane is a translucent plastic which under normal light shows an obscured 3D profile of the picture, but once back lit the true detail is revealed.

The lithophanes we supply are 120x120mm, produced on our high definition SLA printer and they mounted in a box frame which is back lit using LED’s. The LEDs are powered using a USB cable so a standard phone charger, or any device fitted with a USB socket can power it.

Dispatch time on this item is between 3-4 days.

Please send the highest quality picture possible (better the image, the better the lithophane) on check out to thedesignhubiom@gmail.com with your invoice number as the subject.

Personalised Box Framed Back Lit Lithophane