So what have I been up to lately?  You’ll find some lovely summer bags on the site and also some cute phone pouches which are ideal when you want to carry a little more than your phone and a card or two.  These are great - and I plan to make lots more!


I've also been using more Ukranian Embroidery designs on bags.  This one is my latest in black leather with an adjustable strap.

I've also been experimenting with Needlefelting and this lovely Kindle case is the result.

By the way, if you are a visitor you might like to know that everything on my site can be purchased online and shipped to your home address.

(If you live outside the UK you may wish to contact me first - overseas postage can be prohibitive these days so best to talk about it first.


FOOTNOTE:  You may have noticed that most of my items are marked 'one only'.

This is because everything I make is handmade - and handcut - from the bottom up!  I make what I love and hope you will too!


The Laxey Tweed Slimline Crossbody Bag


A slimline crossbody bag in Laxey Tweed in complementary shades of dark rose, medium blue and plaid/tartan.

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