Hello November!


I'm a little bit late updating my little blogette here at Cinnamon Embroidery but I hope you are having a good November so far.

I've been working hard and have a couple of new items for you this month including a lovely leather purse/wallet and a pretty pouch featuring a cute little owl wreath made from cream felt and lined with faux suede.  Oh and in the cosy department don't forget to check out the hand crocheted cowls and fingerless gloves.  These have been very popular and I hope to make more if I can fit a few in.

I am always working on new items so check back often!  You may also like to follow me at Cinnamon Embroidery on Facebook.  That way you will always be up to date and the first in the know!

Whatever you are doing this month - have a happy, happy time!


By the way, if you are viewing from the UK you might like to know that everything on my site can be purchased online and shipped to your home address.  If you are a Manx resident you can enter the recipient's UK address and I'll send it on for you.  I'll even add a note if you would like.

(If you live outside the UK you may wish to contact me first - overseas postage can be prohibitive these days so best to talk about it first.


FOOTNOTE:  You may have noticed that most of my items are marked 'one only'.

This is because everything I make is handmade - and hand cut - from the bottom up!  I make what I love and hope you will too!

The Sherpa Starlight Purse/Wallet


The Sherpa Starlight Purse/Wallet
Something new – it’s a purse, a wallet, a mini bag organiser, a card case, a phone case, a coin purse – even a modest clutch – and it’s made in Sherpa fabric !

1 in stock

The Sherpa Starlight Purse/Wallet

1 in stock