Vintage Oak Whiskey Barrels Half Round Planters


Barrels!!!! Selling fast!!! These are authentic vintage whiskey barrels (actually bourbon we think). They have the original charring on the insides which I’m told was done at the time of making them that gave the whiskey that oak smoked flavour. They are all made in the same design that suggests they came from the same distillery. One still had Medley Distillery Kentucky stamped on the lid with a date of 1962. So we are pretty sure they may well be the same era. These are the real deal folks, not just reproductions. Order yours now. Comment or message us to reserve yours or call 07624303606

Full barrels £150 each
half rounds £75 each
Including delivery anywhere on island.

If you’ve had yours delivered this week we’d love to see what you are doing with yours. Why not send us some pics!!

Vintage Oak Whiskey Barrels Half Round Planters