Prohibited Items Policy – This is part of our Terms of Use is a curated marketplace. We prohibit certain types of items and this policy outlines what is prohibited and is not permitted to be listed on the site.

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By opening an shop, you are agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

The following types of items are prohibited or restricted on

  1. Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, and Medical Drugs
  2. Animal Products
  3. Dangerous Items: Hazardous Materials, Recalled Items, and Weapons
  4. Hate Items: Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Hatred
  5. Illegal Items, Items Promoting Illegal Activity, and Highly Regulated Items
  6. Internationally Regulated Items
  7. Pornography and Mature Content
  8. Violent Items: Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Violence

Whilst all sellers on Quirky,im are curated prior to being allowed to open a shop on the platform, and it is extremely unlikely that any of the prohibited items would be listed by any of our sellers, we want to be open and transparent about not only what we do represent but also what we do not believe to be in the best interests of the Isle of Man or the in the spirit of

We reserve the right to remove any listings that we determine to be inappropriate. Violating this policy may result in the member’s selling privileges being suspended and/or terminated.

1. Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, and Medical Drugs

The sale of drugs is prohibited on These substances face serious legal restrictions and in many cases are considered controlled substances under applicable law. Our policy also applies to other substances that have or are claimed to have an intoxicating or healing effect.

The following are examples of items that may not be sold on

  1. Drugs and certain herbal substances, including substances used for recreational and medicinal purposes, regardless of their legality.
  2. Drug paraphernalia, including, for example: bongs and bubblers; vaporisers and their components.
  3. Medical drugs, regulated medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

2. Animal Products

Certain animal products are highly regulated and prohibited on due to the risk of harm to live, companion, or endangered animals.

The following are examples of animal products that may not be sold on

  1. Live animals.
  2. Items created using any endangered or threatened animal species.
  3. Items made from cat and dog parts or pelts.
  4. Ivory or bones from ivory-producing animals, including tusks, elk ivory, and fossilized ivory.

3. Dangerous Items: Hazardous Materials, Recalled Items and Weapons

For safety and legal reasons, we prohibit certain dangerous items from our marketplace.

Hazardous Materials

Due to the potential harm caused by hazardous materials, as well as complex legal and delivery regulations surrounding such materials, the sale of hazardous materials is prohibited on

While not exhaustive, the following materials are examples of prohibited hazardous materials:

  1. Explosives (fireworks or sparklers)
  2. Flammable items
  3. Gases
  4. Toxic substances (such as poisons)
  5. Recalled items or items that present unreasonable risk of harm

Items that present an unreasonable risk of harm are prohibited, even if they have not been the subject of a recall. This would include, for example, items that present a choking hazard.


Context matters when it comes to defining what is or is not a weapon. When in doubt, it’s safe to assume that we won’t allow any item intended to be used as a weapon to inflict harm. The following items are generally not allowed on

  1. Guns, knives, or other blatant weapons, even if they are vintage.
  2. Imitation firearms and weapons that look real.
  3. Hate Items: Items that Promote, Support or Glorify Hatred.

We want to be a community where people of all backgrounds, nationalities, religions, political affiliations and even different types of artistic taste and humour feel welcome. Art is incredibly subjective, and what is offensive to one is not necessarily offensive to others. does not allow items or listings that promote, support or glorify hatred towards people or otherwise demean people based on: race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation. We also prohibit items or content that promote organisations or people with such views.

5. Illegal Items, Items Promoting Illegal Activity and Highly Regulated Items

We respect the law and expect sellers to respect the law as well.

Illegal items, items that promote illegal activity, and stolen items are not allowed on Because sells internationally, it is important to abide by the laws of the markets in which you are selling. What is legal in one country may be illegal in another. All forms of illegal activity are strictly prohibited. Listings may not facilitate or promote illegal acts. Counterfeit or unauthorised items are also prohibited on

We require sellers to follow all applicable laws for the items they sell internationally.

6. Internationally Regulated Items provides a direct connection between buyers and sellers around the world. If you enter into a transaction with someone across international borders, you are responsible for complying with laws and regulations of the country of destination as well as our local laws.

When buying and selling internationally, you should comply with our local laws and be aware that other countries may have their own restrictions. You might be prohibited from exporting or importing certain items under international laws and regulations. Some transactions may require licenses, permits, or other documentation. If you have questions about how to comply with the law, we recommend that you speak to a qualified professional.

When you use’s services, you are also responsible for complying with economic sanctions and trade restrictions, including those implemented by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) of the US Department of the Treasury.

All users must comply with our Sanctions Policy, regardless of their location. reserves the right to request that sellers provide additional information or take other steps to meet compliance obligations.

You should be aware that third-party payment processors, such as PayPal, may independently monitor transactions for sanctions compliance and may block some transactions as part of their own compliance programmes. has no authority or control over the independent decision-making of these providers.

7. Pornography and Mature Content

As mentioned above, art can be incredibly subjective. We tend to be fairly liberal about what we allow on, but we draw the line at pornography and mature content.

Although pornography can be difficult to define, an item generally qualifies as pornography when it contains extreme or explicit version of sexual content. We define mature content as depictions of sexual activity or content, profane language, sexual wellness items, and explicit types or representations of taxidermy. 

Not all nudity is considered mature. Non-pornographic nude photography and depictions of breasts is permitted.

8. Violent Items: Items that Promote, Support or Glorify Violence

We want to be a safe place for everyone. While violent content can be a legitimate part of historical, educational or artistic expression, it should never be used to promote or glorify violent acts against others.

We do not allow items or listings that promote, support or glorify acts of violence or harm towards self or others, including credible threats of harm.

Last updated 10 March 2021