BodyFit 3D with Sindy Lambert
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Looking for something a little different, I supply the following products on island:

  • Magnesium Chloride Bath Salts ( perfect for a bath or foot soak, sourced from the Dead Sea, better than epsom salts)
  • EnergyDots (EMF radiation protection devices, energy enhancers & sleep aids)
  • Pure Heavenly Chocolate Snack Bars (Gluten free, Dairy free, Palm Oil free & Soy free with very low sugar & vegan friendly)
  • DoTerra Essential Oils & Spa skincare products (pure therapeutic grade oils of a high quality & standard)
  • Isagenix Nutritional Supplements (meal replacements such as protein bars and shakes, as well as vitamin and mineral boosters)

And I also offer the following services in clinic:

  • Electrotherapy muscle stimulation and infrared light therapy sessions, great gym alternative with health benefits.
  • 3D Full Body Composition Scans providing you with a virtual avatar, posture analysis & online report access.
  • Quad Glow Facials using light therapy