Good grief - it's Autumn already!  Time to get out the snuggle fabrics, the wools, the tweeds and maybe the fleeces?  I have a mind to make some oversized cushions from pure new wool adorned with vintage applique 😉

But we are not just about cushions, lovely as they are, here at Cinnamon Homestyle (and on our sister page Cinnamon Embroidery) you will find lots of things at all price points.   Take a look at the Podlets which you can fill with your choice of goodies.  One of these filled with chocolate perhaps, toiletries, sewing kit etc etc would make a great gift.  And after the recipient has eaten the chocolate they can fill these neat fabric baskets with anything they please.


  Everything you see here is handmade and handcut by me here in my studio on the fabulous Isle of Man.  Manx residents might like to know that if you want to send a purchase direct to someone in the UK, it's as simple as filling in the appropriate address!  I'll even add a card if you like!

If you live outside the UK you might want to get in touch with me first as overseas postage can sometimes be prohibitive.

So whatever you are doing, snuggling in front of the fire cuddling the cat or taking your beloved pooch for a walk in the woods - ENJOY!

Angie xx


Cinnamon Homestyle is a branch of Cinnamon Embroidery and is where you will find all sorts of items for the home from cushions to table toppers to fabric baskets, placemats and hopefully a lot more.

It will be an eclectic mix of all the fabrics and designs that give me joy (which doesn’t narrow it down much at all!)

Some of the items will be embroidered and some will focus on showcasing the wonderful fabrics I have collected from all sorts of places. Velvets, brocades, tweeds, you name it I’ve probably got it!

Everything you will see is handmade (and sometimes designed) by me in my home studio here on the beautiful Isle of Man.

Enjoy your visit!