I must confess that Autumn is my very favourite season.  Lovely mellow days indicating that summer is not quite over.  Hopefully not too much rain either and we still have some beautiful walks and gentle meanderings ahead of us.  For me September means that the hustle and bustle of Summer is over and yet we still don't need to get into panic mode about the Holiday Season. New at Cinnamon Homestyle are some useful 'podlets' which are great for storage of all sorts of items and which pack flat for easy gift giving.  At the moment I have just a few but I am thinking of making larger ones to store winter crochet/knitting/needlework projects perhaps? Speaking of crochet, it's my new passion and I am currently working on a blanket.  (Go big or go home) I also recently found out that knitted cushions are a 'Thing' - who knew?  I have a few snuggle ones which need to be finished and inners made so I will list those too. Also in the pipeline are some fab cushions featuring various appliqued animals on Laxey and Harris Tweed.  Those will be listed soon too. So many ideas - so little time!

Meanwhile … why not saunter over to Cinnamon Embroidery - my sister store featuring handbags, purses, wallets etc  - and have a skeet/looksee?



Don't forget if you are on the Isle of Man and buy something from my store when you get to checkout you will see that the postal charge is £3 for items delivered within the Island. When you complete your order you will also see there is an option to have your delivery 'left in a safe place' so please fill this out if you have special instructions. This means that for £3 you can have your order delivered on the Island direct to your door - usually within 24 hours. This only applies to items delivered on the Isle of Man but if you are ordering from the UK or elsewhere you can have your item sent directly to a Manx address and avail yourself of this service. Pain free gift giving!


Cinnamon Homestyle is a branch of Cinnamon Embroidery and is where you will find all sorts of items for the home from cushions to table toppers to tea towels, cocktail towels and hopefully a lot more.

It will be an eclectic mix of all the fabrics and designs that give me joy (which doesn’t narrow it down much at all!)

Some of the items will be embroidered and some will focus on showcasing the wonderful fabrics I have collected from all sorts of places. Velvets, brocades, tweeds, you name it I’ve probably got it!

Everything you will see is handmade (and sometimes designed) by me in my home studio here on the beautiful Isle of Man.

Enjoy your visit!