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Based at the Georgian Workshops at Braust Farm, Andreas, in the Isle of Man, Emo Modern Furniture is a professional furniture design and manufacturing outfit.

With a unique eye for detail and a background in illustration, sculpture and woodwork, Ed Morrey designs and builds sophisticated furniture and sculptural homeware products with a fresh aesthetic. Items from his free-standing ‘Hourglass’ range of furniture, alongside his ‘Anemo’ collection of decorative pieces for the home, are available to order directly from Quirky.im.

For a more expansive range of products, and for information on fitted furniture commissions, signage, cabinetry, integrated blackboards and noticeboards, please visit his website www.emomodernfurniture.com or call on 07624 460002.

“Everything falls into place when you are around things that make you happy.” Rasmus Warnke Norregaard – Skandium Owner.

Banner Photo Credit: Amore Du Plessis

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