Julie Anne Denton
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Manx Saatchi artist Dr Julie Anne Denton has opened a design firm creating complimentary glass barware products. It is called Atelier #315. Originally inspired by the wonderfully fun drinking culture of the Isle of Man, which is related to her upbringing in the latter day Manx tourism industry heyday when Douglas promenade was full of life and music and cheer. Her parents owned hotels on the promenade in the 70’s and 80’s when it was great, and the family lived in. In later years and after travelling to learn glass techniques from the contemporary glass-masters of the day, Julie was also exposed to the serious business of the European wine and spirit industry. As a result of these two major influences, Julie chose to work within an area which she knows inside out and loves. Forged by fire Atelier #315 includes clients such as Liberty’s of London, Tate Britain, Phillip Morris International and Manx National Heritage among others.