Laxey Woollen Mills
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Established in 1881, John Ruskin, Egbert Rydings and the Guild of St. George, on the banks of the Laxey River, Laxey Woollen Mills is the only commercial woollen mill on the Isle of Man. Producing traditional and contemporary Manx tweeds, cloth and tartans. Laxey Woollen Mills boasts a long heritage  in locally produced hand-woven woollen fabric. With a focus on high quality, affordable, handmade products, Laxey Woollen Mills stands apart in this area of mass production and disposable fashion.

Production includes the use of  the well known Manx Loaghtan, Manx born Hebridean and Manx white wools which are woven into a diverse array of patterns that can then be used to create an exciting product range including items such as hand-tailored garments for both men and women, as well as accessories such as scarves, gloves, slippers, bags and other items. The range of locally produced pieces is perfectly complimented by a carefully selected range of top quality knitwear and bespoke Manx and Irish artisan silver jewellery.

Laxey Woollen Mills is a proud partner of Manx Biosphere