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  • Hello! I’m Tracey and Little Tree Soaps is my little handmade soaps business that I started in 2015, along with being a full-time worker and a wife and mum to two children….I know it’s a mad house!

How did I get into making soap?

Well quite a few years ago I came across an article about handmade soap. I realised that the “soap” I’d been using wasn’t actually soap at all, as proper traditionally made soap is a million miles away from the body washes and beauty bars that we’re told are so much better for our skin. I was struck with the creative process and the control of what you could put in the soap to make something completely compatible and uniquely beneficial for your skin.

So, did I jump straight into making soap?

No…I went on a massive hunt for information. I read books, watched videos and took loads and loads of notes. My first attempt at soapmaking resulted in a huge volcano of hot soap batter all over the kitchen worktop….but I was hooked! I have learned so much since that day and am still learning.

I now make small batches in my home using my own unique blend of specially selected oils, butters and botanicals.

Why is handmade soap so good for your skin?

Traditional handmade soap has the natural glycerine (made in the soap making process) still left in the bar. This helps to moisturise and soften your skin. That, plus the different qualities of the oils and the other ingredients such as the fresh Manx goats milk I use In my Oaty Goaty soap  combine to provide a hard, long-lasting, creamy-lathering bar of soap that gently cleans AND moisturises. In face, users of handmade soap quite often find they need to use less moisturiser as their skin isn’t as dry once they’ve made the switch.

All Little Tree Soaps products have a certified safety assessment (as they are classed as cosmetics) from in independent scientist and comply with EU regulations regarding labelling and registering.

No ingredients or products are tested on animals.